Nuffnang 8th Birthday Party

It’s been almost 3 weeks we celebrated Nuffnang 8th Birthday Party at Zouk KL. My bad for posting this up late as I have something to focus on before I get to arrange the photos and start hitting my keyboard to type all this out.


Time flies, still remember I first started blogging around 2012/2013 and that was when I first joined Nuffnang this big family. This was my first time attending their birthday party as i’m quite anti social back then so yeah lets look forward for the best rather than flashing all the old memories right

8th Is Great, Let’s Aim for Infinity


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That was the ultimate slogan for the party and hey how can a party complete without a theme? Have you noticed everyone dressed up elegantly in their LBD (Little Black Dress), Pearls, Sunnies and most importantly the bun up hairstyles. You are absolutely right! We are having a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme party here. Don’t ask me why my dress code totally out of the theme as I think too many Audrey Hepburn there i just want to dress up something special which gets me a lil surprise toward the end of the party *suspense abit so that i can keep you reading*

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Here are some of the sponsors below for the event:





Cute & creative Milk Cow syrup

Cute & creative Milk Cow syrup





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Birthday party always come with the cake cutting session before the party ends.

We have the Nuffnang co-founder Timothy Tiah and Manager Rachel for the cake cutting session

We have the Nuffnang co-founder Timothy Tiah and Manager Rachel for the cake cutting session

Cheers for the party!

Cheers for the party!

I’m surprised that my name was called for the Best Dress Female Award. Thanks Nuffnang and Pedro for giving out RM 400 Pedro cash voucher.


Gorgeous ladies that won Best Dressed Female Award

Gorgeous ladies that won Best Dressed Female Award

Last but not least,

1477835_10153160495981870_1185652639460726076_n 11071752_10153160497626870_2996837609404895726_n

I deserve a pampering session with Crabtree & Evelyn because we never get a second chance to make a first great impression to others!

#CrabtreeEvelynMY, #NuffnangxCrabtreeEvelynMY, and #Nuffnang8irthday


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