ARWIN/Biochem Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse

There are plenty of makeup remover and cleanser in the market but which is the most effective and time-saving when it comes to our busy lifestyle at the same time to take care of our skin condition. We women never stop searching for the one and only bottle to do all the magic in the shortest time that we need.

If you are a lazy person like me, Arwin/Biochem Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse will be the right cleanser you looking for, Well, let me give you some brief about this brand and the product that I’m going to review here.

About ARWIN/Biochem

ARWIN Group implements their beauty path with mission of completely beauty from head to toe, and inside out.

Biochem – Name of the academic noun – Biochemical, initials of biochemistry. Biochem is a new division for Arwin Group, with 30 years of history, having their own factories, being the first factories meet constant humidity, constant temperature,  clean environment and GMP standards.Their products are made in Taiwan.

Product Description:

Damascena Rose whitening wash unload two amino acids with mousse “Upgrade vitamin B12 ” is an essential nutrition for our body. Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse (Upgraded version) added vitamin B12 and uses Damascus rose water to bring a pleasant atmosphere with sweet aroma; it is as if you amble into a Bulgarian rose garden.


Bubble mousse texture


  • Double effect cleansing and makeup removing providing complete cares
  • Creamy foam that helps to clean your face by removing extra makeup and dirt as well as whitens your skin.
  • Upgraded with Vitamin B12 to supply vitamin with extra nutrition
  • Supply key vitamin to healthy skin



Damascus Rose Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate, Vitamin B12


Lets try it with full makeup on. (foundation + eyeliner + mascara)


Press to get an appropriate amount of mousse to remove makeup.


Massage the whole face then wash it off with water.


Cleansing / makeup removal / moisturizing / whitening / nourishing all in one


My Verdict:
This product does a great job in cleansing and it helps brighten up our skin as it contains Vitamin B12 and Damascus rose water to help to calm the skin. For those who has sensitive skin, this cleansing mousse is gentle and doesn’t irritate at all. The smell is rather strong with rosy smell some people might feel it abit too strong so it really depends on what scent you like.


RM 93 / 250ml (Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion)

Where to buy:

Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion:
ARWIN/Biochem Store:
ARWIN/Biochem Facebook:

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