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Athens is an attractive city with a mixture of ancient fo rtresses and modern society. Spend the day in Athens visiting the ruins, namely the Acropolis and the Parthenon, I would suggest staying somewhere around Monastiraki station or Psirri area. It’s ideal for you to explore the UNESCO-listed World Heritage sites including some famous neighbourhood town comprising fine old buildings and many small pretty restaurants.

ATHENIAN RESIDENCES located in the heart of Athens and was newly opened in August 2018 (just a few months before we visited). This property is a delightful, fuss-free private residence full of charm and feels like a home from home.


ATHENIAN RESIDENCES located just 500 meters away from Monastiraki Station in lovely Pssiri, a colorful neighbourhood surrounding with many eateries. offering meze and live music. Being located in the heart of the city, the nightlife might be happening; however, once you stepped into the property felt like retreating to a quiet, cool oasis of calm. No obvious label found from the main street of Pssiri, that is why we love the maximum privacy staying in ATHENIAN RESIDENCES.


The property is privately owned by one of the famous Greek artists. There are total 5 rooms available to choose between the cute little picturesque stoned from 1920’s room and the spacious industrial contemporary modern room. Honestly, is really a tough choice for me to choose because both room designs are just different and if time allows I wish I could stay both of them! There is one cute little well from few hundred years ago situated at the center of the courtyard once you enter to the residence.


Obviously, me being me, I have chosen the bright modern contemporary room.


The unit is designed with all the home comforts in mind and it is perfect for longer periods of stay. A full kitchen next to the living room with a full-size refrigerator, built-in oven, induction cooktop, microwave as well as pots and pans with all the utensils available. I think they just want you to stay in the room watching Netflix in the living room or your bedroom all day long.


The Living Room is located between the kitchen and the bedroom and it comes with a comfy couch, a coffee table and a huge Samsung Curve TV with Free Netflix subscription. Perfect place for you to whip up some meal at the kitchen and bring it to the living room to eat and enjoy your drama.


As for the bathroom, there was a small toilet attached with a rain shower to the right of the entrance area. The main bathroom was next to the dressing room in the bedroom. The amenities were distinctly Greek, a fragrant range called Olive . There were more Olive bottles of body wash, shampoo and body lotion in the jacuzzi tub with rain shower.


Breakfast can be pre-ordered at an extra cost and served at the dining table in your room. Of course, you can always request to be served at the courtyard to fuel up for a day of exploring Breakfast is available from 8.30am to 11 am subject to your preference. Wide selection of breakfast set is available from the list provided by lovely reception lady, Maria!

It was actually so hard for me and my partner to tear ourselves away from this comfortable nest and also the neighborhood. Unfortunately, we have already prebooked our flight back to our home country, else we will definitely extend our stay here for a longer period! Maria was really helpful and sweet to show us around Pssiri and provide all the information about Athens to make us feel welcomed. We would highly recommend this property to anyone looking for a private modern city stay. Please also be minded that only 5 rooms are available, make your booking fast before it is gone~




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