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Santorini in Greece is always been a dream island to me and I know those who have been following my social media closely probably already saw tons of ridiculously beautiful photos on the island as well as our "fairytale-esque" proposal while we were on our vacation in Greece last month. Looking back on these images brought back all the emotions, I can't even believe how many pictures we took there. With such stunning views of the sea and perfect for sunset, Santorini is still my favorite vacation for a truly romantic getaway!

During our trip, I’ve had a ton of DMs and messages asking to share our Santorini itinerary where we stayed, did we hire a photographer, what are the tips and insight regarding this trip, so I’ve finally put together all the details here to share even more of these beauts with all of you! Oh, to answer some of your questions whether did we hire any photographer in Santorini, the answer is NOPE, we took some great photos ourselves with a tripod that is why you will see photobombs in some images but it is fine. Santorini was wayyyyy more touristy and a tripod photo in the tiny cramped streets would’ve been a headache. If you have a budget, consider hiring a photographer there to capture your perfect moment.


We visited during October, and the weather was perfect. It was between 22 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night. The best weather is from April to June and September to November, respectively.


I always pictured myself staying in a cave house in Santorini, and this is the place! The cave houses are absolutely stunning and the private jacuzzi pools are so secluded that we did not see another person for our whole trip. As you enter your cave house, every detail from floor to ceiling is exquisitely manicured and decorated, the room is spacious and most importantly the property is very clean and tidy.



Fira (Thira) is the capital of Santorini and also one of the island’s most visited spots. There are a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops here relatively cheaper compared to Oia.


The bright white houses and blue domes are the signatures here in Oia. If there's only one thing you need to do in Santorini, it must be to watch the sunset in Oia. Every corner is picture-perfect but take note that during peak season the crowd can be insane. So, please take a spot at least an hour or two before sunset to make sure you get the best shot and view of this beautiful town in Santorini.


If time allowed, I would recommend you to sign up for a catamaran tour and it was so cool! We did the day trip that leaves as early as 9am and gets back around 3pm. You get to swim and snorkel around the island, we had so much fun!


Santorini’s Red Beach is one of the unique beaches in Greece. The beach is in red color comes from the red volcanic cliff that slowly breaks down. Nothing much you can do there, pretty dead but it is fine for a swim not too much for sunbathing. However, worth a visit if you have extra time to spare in Santorini. To get there, you will have to pass through the village of Akrotiri before eventually reaching the parking lot where the small chapel is located.



Nestling in the most perfect place for glorious views of Fira at sunset and beyond, this lovely restaurant was great and less crowded compared to restaurants in Oia. Live Greek music was playing all night on the second floor just sit back and spend your night eating good food and sipping wine overlooking the caldera.


We went there on our first day in Santorini which is located just 5 mins walk from the Fira bus station. No sea views here but it was also half the price of other restaurants overlooking the sea.

Vitrin Cafe Creperie

We visited VITRIN Cafe completely by chance and it did not disappoint us. Ordered their waffle with ice cream add-on and we love it! The view was great and my partner enjoyed his pistachio smoothie. Highly recommended if you are looking for a place to have coffee or dessert. A must-try on their crepe and coffee!

Four days spent in Santorini was the perfect amount of time. We did almost everything on our itinerary and so much more. For anyone planning this as their next trip, I am so excited for you and I hope you have a great time there.


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